John Beradino, Ph.D.
John Beradino, Ph.D.

A Therapy at a Glance

John believes that it's important to provide patients with a warm, friendly, and familiar atmosphere.

Therapy is not merely about addressing mental illness. The value of the experience is to promote education, edification, and an environment that enhances self-agency. At the crux of every session is not only an exploration of personal deficits that are holding you back, but also the ways in which we can elevate your hidden strengths. The parallel processing of your inner and outer world begins with letting go of outdated cognitive models and the introduction of new paradigms to embolden self-worth. Therapy is essentially a bridge to get you to the point in which you become your own therapist.

He looks forward to beginning the process of healing with you. 


John Beradino, Ph.D.

1015 W. Hays St. #205

Boise, ID 83072


Phone: 310.500.6862


Office Hours

Individual therapy can be scheduled: Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm

We can discuss a time of the day that works best for you.




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