John Beradino, Ph.D.
John Beradino, Ph.D.

Not by wrath but by laughter do we slay.

Come let us slay the spirit of gravity.

I learned to walk; since then I have run. 

I have learned to fly; since then I do not have to be pushed in order to move.

Now I am nimble, now I fly, now I see myself under myself, now a god dances within me.

(Thus Spake Zarathrustra, Nietzsche)


All human beings experience some expression of stagnation (entropy, laziness, shame) or anxiety (restleness, distraction, inattention) in their lifetime. Often times, we will try to stave off depressive feelings or worrisome moments by defaulting to busy-ness or outrunning it with activities or avoidance. We are burden by outdated defensive barriers that become obstacles that inhibit growth and expansion. These moments of insulation in outdated strategies also become opportunities to change. The problems that we have today were once solutions at an earlier time in life, and thus they are difficult to let go of. For exmaple, avoidance of conflict might have been a strategy to keep you safe in chilhdood, but today it has limited your ability to set boundaries and assert your needs and feelings. 


Therapy is a vehicle that encourages sacrifice of outdated strategies. It lightens your focus and unburdens your conscience. It allows you to let go and liberate yourself from the protective walls that once protected you, but now encumber and debilitate you. Therapy is an opportunity to analyzie and change how you relate to your innner experience. When there is a symptom, you can either ignore it or face it. Nevertheless, creative life energies, motivation, or focus is dammed up in some way and it needs to be addressed with courage and compassion.

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