John Beradino, Ph.D.
John Beradino, Ph.D.

* What if you've been returning over and over again to the same antiquated life paths that lead you to the same insufficient results without any traction towards growth, healing, or life satisfaction?


* What if mental illness is in its essence something helpless inside of you that is demanding your attention?


* What if every symptom is really a messenger from your unconscious trying to 

 to awaken you, not only to an unhealed wound or forgotten trauma, but also to where you have neglected some uncultivated aspect of your potential and life calling?


* What if the single most heroic act in your life is to stand your ground in the face of a psychological condition that you don't understand?


* What if you've finally found the courage to be a mindful, nonjudgmental observer of the pain from your past alongside the unexamined possibilities of your future?


* What if now you're willing to commit to the greatest singular expression of your truth by participating in a therapeutic experience that dedicates you to greater autonomy and authenticity in your life?


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John Beradino, M.A., Ph.D. 

1015 W. Hays St. #205

Boise, ID 83072


Phone: 310.500.6862


Office Hours

Individual therapy can be scheduled: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm

We can discuss a time of the day that works best for you.




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